About Nistha Dhawani

Nistha Dhawani is a leading Spiritual Channel of India. Its popularity can be gauged by its devotional viewers. It is one of the BIGGEST name in today’s Devotional Music Industry having a vast collection of Bhajans which takes you to an entire another level of sprituality.

Religion and spirituality are often used as synonyms. While religion is more to do with rituals, spirituality is more towards ours innerselves and spirits. Thus, we take great pride in spreading the spirituality among people through our Official YouTube channel with vast variety of Hindu bhajans, aartis, aradhanas and spiritual discourses by prominent and very respected saints. We also telecast Live Programs and documentaries on the holy places of worship like temples,religous cities and widespread religous festivals in India.

To bridge the gap between the Divine and the Devotee , Nistha Dhawani invites you to find your spiritual journey through us.